"Atelier d'innovation digitale"
"Digital Innovation Studio"

Our Focus

Since 1998, Digital Airways develops expertise, business pratices and software tools to create richer user experiences through better management of the interactions between the systems and their users. The company offers professional services to its customers, from the strategic definition of their new offers up to their technical development. Thanks to the original methods that it has developed, Digital Airways helps its customers to convert digital innovation into short term revenues.
Strategy centered on User Experience

The definition of a clear strategy is necessary to guarantee a consistent coherence of any business and technical decision.

Technical architecture

Today's decisions regarding your architectures define tomorrow's strength and the cost of your offers.

Software & Hardware prototyping

Thanks to agility, early testing is not a waste of resources but a means to validate that each step is made in the right direction for both you and your customers.

Development & deployment

Because once the recipe is good, the chef, the cook and the maid must be excellent !

  • Innovation
  • High Commitment
  • Proven ROI
  • Project Centricity
  • Quality Management
  • Internet of Everything
  • Full Application Control
  • ... Multi-Devicity
  • UX Strategy


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About US

We develop New User Experiences leading to new Businesses...
...and the Software and Hardware that can support these experiences.
Experiences, HMIs, Applications, Devices, Platforms...

Since 1998 , Digital Airways focuses on the user experiences induced by interactions between the systems and their users. And because mobile and embedded user experiences are the heart of many new business drivers, Digital Airways provides professional services from the strategic definition of the clients' new offers up to their realization.
Digital Airways' mission and its guarantee to its customers :


    Respect of their strategic choices, guaranteeing the coherence of their actions.


    The short term availability of viable business models, thus acquiring sustainable positions


    The use and the valorization of their existing assets, thereby providing the flexibility to make changes, painlessly.

Friends & Partners

Building the World to Come is not a lonely man's task. Here are a few organizations strengthening ours daily.
AFNOR / afaq
Quality Certification

With more than 65,000 certified sites of all sizes and across all sectors, AFNOR Certification is France's no.1 certification body. One of the recognized strengths of AFNOR Certification is its ability to listen to its customers' needs and objectives.

Support for research and innovation

The Directorate General for Competitiveness, Industry and Services (DGCIS) reports to the Minister for Industrial Renewal and the Minister for Craft Industries, Trade and Tourism. It aims at developing the business environment for all firms, from very small businesses up to major groups.

enOcean Alliance

In order to bring about the existence of a broad range of interoperable wireless monitoring and controlling products, the EnOcean Alliance aims to internationalise wireless technologies and is dedicated to creating interoperability between the products of OEM partners.

Pole Mov'eo
Automotive cluster

Via its competitiveness cluster in automobile and public transport R&D, Moveo works on collaborative and innovative projects which reinforce international competitiveness of French businesses on the continent and overseas.

Normandy Aerospace
Aerospace cluster.

Normandie AeroEspace is a cluster located in Normandy and devoted to aerospace , space , military and security activities. The main goal of this cluster is to develop the activities of its members through Research and Technologies, Education and Employment, small and medium business development and communication.

Pole TES
Secure Transactions cluster

The purpose of TES cluster is to support innovation by promoting the development of collaborative research and development creating growth and value. In 8 years the Pole TES contributed more than 145 innovative collaborative projects.

UPnP Forum

Formed in October 1999, UPnP Forum is an industry initiative of more than 1018 leading companies in computing, printing and networking, consumer electronics, home appliances, automation, control and security, and mobile products.

Economic development in Normnady

The ERDF invests on several key priority areas to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union. This is known as ‘thematic concentration’: innovation and research, the digital agenda, support for small and medium-sized enterprises, the low-carbon economy.

Project we love!

The smart connected display

It contains a complete computer (Raspberry Pi3, WiFi, Bluetooth), a 8 Go SDCard, a LED Matrix, a NFC tag reader.

All components are in a white box, ready to plug and play, with its user guide.

Read more about it here: TimeSquAir.io.

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