There is a dedicated node to send an email.

It uses an email server (named “SMTP”) and you have to get one (a free good one in google mail (gmail)) and enter its parameters into the node.

Caveat: it seems it is not allowed to use Hotmail as a server to send emails.

E-mail node

Drag and drop an email node to send the message:

And parametrize it to send the message:

  • “To” : fill with the recipient
  • “Server” et “Port” are the server parameters (for gmail, use “” and “445”)
  • “Userid” is the user (and “Password” its password) allowed to use the mail server above (for gmail, use your account


If you use a Gmail account to send the email, you have to check a box in the Google settings:

More info about gmail servers settings

Build a flow

Let’s use the weather as an example:

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