Access the setup

All you need is a computer on the same local network.

Use your favorite internet browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most tested).

Avoid Microsoft Edge which seems to have a very strange behavior). Also some Android tablets seems unable to resolve .local addresses.

Enter the network name you chose in the setup folowed by “.local”. Suppose you chose “mySuperMachine”:


in the address bar.

The final “/” may be omitted, depending of the browser.

If you used the settings page to rename your device, say, to “myBox”, the browser adress will be:


If it does not work !

Some local networks are not able to resolve .local network names.

  • make sure you are on the same local network
  • be aware that some electronic router may block that address
  • Try to remove the “.local/” part
  • Try the IP address (the four dot separated numbers at are displayed at the launch time) something like You can get the IP address in your router parameters in the DHCP list.

Last but not least: plug a Screen on the HDMI port (you may have to open the box), and look at the console for some errors.