A scheduler

Install the NodeRED node

Click the right menu in the Node-RED web page. Choose Manage Palette then Install.

  • Type node-red-contrib-simple-weekly-scheduler in the edit box and click the OK button.

  • Wait for the install

This imports a third party software. The installation may take up to 5 minutes (a progress bar shows the progress), depending on what is already installed on your device.

  • Then reboot and then refresh the web browser page.

  • Now you can find this node in the palette (use the filter to find it):

A first simple flow

Drag’n drop it on the workspace, and double click it to set parameters:

by cliquing and draging, you can create events with begin and end hours that triggers specific payload at that time.

Trigger the flow with the scheduler

In the following flow, it is used to shut off lights at the end of the day in our office: