TPLink Smart Plug HS100

This Node-RED node is for controlling tp-link Wi-Fi Smart Plug - Model HS100. This plug uses WiFi so there is no need for an additional dedicated USB key to control it.

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TPLink manual

Install the plug

Use the Kasa App on Android or iPhone:

to add the plug to the network.

Install the nodes

Click the right menu in the Node-RED web page. Choose Manage Palette then Install.

  • Type node-red-contrib-hs100 in the edit box and click the OK button.

  • Wait for the install

The installation may take up to 5 minutes (a progress bar shows the progress), depending on what is already installed on your device.

  • Then reboot and then refresh the web browser page.

  • Browse the palette and look at the newly added nodes.

A first simple flow

Use two injects node for injecting “on” and “off” on the payload:

Here is the inject node detail:

Configure the node

The tricky part is to find the IP Address of the plug.

On Android, you can use the Fing app and look at the plug in the list.

The address is something like

Another tricky part is that this IP address may change. In this case, go to your router and find how to give a static IP address to the bulb.