The ThingBox v1.4.0

What’s new ?


  • Node-red v.0.8.1 has been installed.

  • Node-Red is no more launched by itself when the ThingBox boots.

Express Application

Now, an express application has been installed and it’s this application which is launched and starts Node-Red.

What does it change ?

  • Node-red directory

The node-red directory is no more /root/node-red. The new node-red directory is /root/thethingbox/node_modules/node-red.

  • Flows

The flows are now named automatically flows.json and are in the directory /root/thethingbox/node_modules/node-red/flows/local/.

Recall : The file is reachable on the network explorer :

\\name of the TTB\TheThingBox\root\thethingbox\node_modules\node-red\flows\

New Nodes

  • Distance :
    • Calculate the distance between two GPS coordinates.
  • Timestamp :
    • Receives a message, adds the timestamp in msg.timestamp and sends the message.

Nodes updated

  • Owntracks :
    • Sends in msg.payload.latitude and msg.payload.longitude the GPS coordinate.
  • Carriots, Emoncms, Evrythng, Tinamous, Ubidots, Xively :
    • They now send the timestamp to the website to synchronise the storage.
  • HiveMQ :
    • Bug fixed