There is two ways to update:

  • partial update can be done using the settings page
  • complete update involves downloading a new file image and flashing the SDCard again.

Update from the settings

Updates are frenquently published on the cloud to add new functionalities (ok, sometime also to fix bugs).

There is a button to automatically update to the new release.

Is there an update ?

Use the right menu and choose the “Settings option”. At the bottom of the page you can get the current version, and before it, if an update is available or not.


If an update is available, clik update, wait (sometime a lot) and reboot.


Unfortunatly, it is not always possible to update all the system, particularly if it involve low level code. Thus, the updated device may differ from the current release that can be downloaded from the web site.

When possible, flash a new image as described below.

Flashing a new SDCard

  • First make a backup of your work as described in the “Backup your flow” page.

  • Then flash a new SDCard as described in the “Flash a SD Card” page.

  • Put back your userdir directory to the new SDCard.

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