The smart connected display

Display informations you need
and create your own usages!

He already knows how to do a lot!

TimeSquAir is a small device of 20x10 cm (about 8 x 4 inches) that contains

  • a complete computer (Raspberry Pi 3),
  • a color LED Matrix that can be used to display any scrolling information,
  • a visual editor allowing to customize it's behavior easily
  • and a NFC reader to trigger usages.

It can play sounds and mp3 music when wired to speakers, send tweets, email, SMS when wired to internet. It can get information from internet (API), process it and send it back.

Use it to run any usage - personal or business - specially helpful for usages that should run 7/24 in the background (home automation, appliance, monitoring, alerts).

expresses itself
It contains a 32 x 16 px color LED display for text or pictures, that allows you to see your favorites tweets from loved ones, the weather or any information you get from internet or build with the visual editor (it can even display the current time...).

knows how to read NFC tags!
You'll find a few ones in the box.

Use them to listen to music, to send SMS or emails, to trigger any behavior cutomized with the visual editor.

talks, sings, plays music!
Connect it to speakers or headset and listen. It contains a very realistic voice generator that will say whatever you want! Select a web radio and it sings whatever you wish!
Plug an USB WiFi dongle and communicate wireless. You can also plug a Bluetooth dongle.

Since it is connected to the Internet, it can read tweets, send emails, call cloud services used by connected objects …

But what he
does best ...

... is what you will ask him!

Using the examples above, tailor it to your own personal needs.

Its a breeze with the fully graphical configuration interface that you use from your normal computer in a web browser: just move bubbles and link them together!

Graphical and easy setting

Build your usage by just linking bubbles together with the graphical editor (more on

What they managed to do with


Serge sends to all his employees a meeting reminder directly on their


Eleonore has all the tweets containing the word "Love" of her boyfriend displayed on her


Tom sends an SMS to his parents when he comes home from school, just by sliding a tag on


What will you do when you master the Internet of Things with

at Over-the-Air 2016

Over the Air was developed as a concept between a group of like-minded people off the back of the first highly successful Hack Days in 2007 and 2008, and the clear need in the mobile industry calendar for an event that was by developers for developers.

is used in the industry

TimeSquAir is used to build complex avanced solutions in the industry


Discover all capabilities!




199 $

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  • You will receive

    A ready-to-use TimeSquAir, complete with its user guide. The package also contains five NFC tags to build your own usages, an internet access cable, a sound cable, a power cable.

  • Specifications

    Raspberry PI 3 Quad Core Broadcom BCM2837 64-bit ARMv8 1.2GHz processor with buitin WiFi and Bluetooth and 1GB memory , 16 x 32 full RGB LED Matrix , NFC reader & demo tags , 10/100 Ethernet Port , wire for sound , 4 x USB-2 ports for external USB dongles & devices , HDMI video port , 3A 110/220V power supply , Micro SD card containg pre-installed TimeSquAir IoT platform (Featuring Jessie, NodeJS, Node-RED, Mosquitto MQTT server...)

    TimeSquAir is designed and assembled in Europe.



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